11 Guidelines for Eating Healthy

Food is a huge part of our lives. It is also one of the aspects that we have the ability to manage well, if we make the effort. The greatest gift you have been given is your unimaginably amazing human body. This guide to healthy eating will go a long way in helping you keep your body healthy and full of energy, so that you can use it properly in helping you achieve your highest potential.

The objective is to ensure that the food you are eating is providing you maximum benefit, not just at a physical level, but also at a psychological and energetic level.

Healthy Eating Guide:

1. Eat with Awareness:
Eating with awareness means to really taste your food and not eat while being elsewhere mentally. So don’t eat while reading a newspaper, chattering endlessly, or while watching TV. You will find that you enjoy simple, natural foods much better.

2. Don’t Eat when Upset:

If you are upset, stressed out, angry, depressed, etc, try to calm down before eating. This is important for two reasons.
-> Eating while upset prevents proper digestion and results in the consumed food doing more harm than good.
-> You don’t want food to become your escape from these emotional states. Often such emotional eating becomes a root cause for obesity, which can then be a difficult pattern to break.

3. How Much to Eat:
Ayurveda has a nice method of helping you determine just how much you should be eating in any one sitting. The amount of food you should eat should be no more than what is required to fill your 2 cupped hands. This is a handy gauge to keep in mind, when wondering if you ought to go for seconds, or thirds.

4. Right Portions of Food, Water & Air:
Another handy gauge for determining the right combination of food is to fill it one third with food, one third with water and leave one third empty. This ratio allows for the right amount of liquid, oxygen and heat needed to properly convert your food into energy.

5. The Importance of Water:
Sip room temperature, or warm water with your food. Don’t underestimate the enormous benefits of this simple rule. There are three important aspects of this one rule.
-> No cold water.
-> Don’t chug water with your meals, just sip it between bites. Both these caveats are important, so that you don’t end up diminishing your digestive fire.
-> Nothing else but water with meals. Try this for a week and you will be surprised by the results.

6. Right Posture for Eating:
The answer to the right posture for eating is a one liner – sit up straight. This will help you with maintaining your awareness, ensure the proper flow of food, nutrients and waste, and help you eat in a relaxed manner.

7. Eat Slowly and Chew Well:
As you might have heard, digestion begins in the mouth. There are enzymes there which are important to digestion and chewing well, helps these enzymes do the work. In addition, eating slowly is a great way to prevent overeating, as it gives the body a chance to signal the brain that it is getting full. Furthermore, eating slowly and enjoying the process will again help you with staying in the moment and developing the key art of mindfulness.

8. Eat when Hungry:
This simple guideline will help you bring your life in tune with your bodily rhythms. Many people eat simple due to the time on the clock, which often leads to eating too much. Also, apply this policy to how much you eat as well. If you feel full, stop eating. Just don’t keep gobbling down the food simply because it tastes good or because you are too distracted to notice the signals from within.
This same rule applies to drinking liquids. Most people now drink for reasons other than being thirsty. It could even be that you have not really felt thirsty for quite some time now, due to your regular trips to the coffee machine.

9. Give Thanks Before Eating:
On our planet, life feeds on life. That is just how it is. Whether you are vegetarian or not, you are still feeding on life. So take a moment and give thanks for the food you have been provided, and resolve to use this energy for service and spiritual growth.

10. Don’t Eat Very Late:
As a general rule try not to eat at least 2-3 hours before sleeping. This gives the digestive system a break and is important if you are trying to avoid gaining excess weight.

11. Eat the Right Foods:
-> Eat according to your constitution and physical condition.
->  Eat according to your body type. Heavier foods for those who are light and thin, while light foods for those who are overweight, etc.
-> Eat to help balance the energies in your body. Eating foods that are cool, pungent, dry, oily, etc, as per the need of your system at a particular time.
-> Eat foods that are fresh and full of prana (life force).
-> Don’t eat incompatible foods.
In general eat more whole grains, vegetables and fruits.


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