The wit of Birbal

The fondness of Emperor Akbar for Birbal cause a lot of jealousy amongst the other courtiers. Akbar was always game for practical jokes. The courtiers plotted to shame Birbal and accordingly approached the Emperor with this plan. Each of the courtiers would hide an egg in his clothes, jump into the palace pool and come out with it. Only Birbal would not have an egg and when he dived into the pool and came back empty handed, he would be shamed.

Emperor Akbar had great faith in Birbal’s quick wit and decided to go ahead with the plan. Next day, Akbar suggested that since it was very hot indoors they go to the Palace’s biggest pool. all the courtiers agreed, and at the poolside the courtiers sought the Emperor’s permission to cool themselves in the pool.

One by one the courtiers dived into the pool and came out with an egg in hand. the Emperor in the spirit of the game ordered Birbal to dive into the pool and come out with an egg. Birbal thought that the Emperor had placed the eggs at the bottom of the pool and hence the courtiers took one each and came out. Birbal dived into the pool. He was a good swimmer and for a long time he searched underwater but could not find any egg.

He came out, put his head to one side and crowed, “Cock-a-doodle doo! Cock-a-doodle- do!”

The Emperor and the courtiers were astonished. Emperor Akbar asked, “What is all this Birbal? Where is your egg?”

Birbal replied, “Jahanpanah, only hens lay eggs! I came out and crowed just to show everybody that I am a cock!”

Akbar was very pleased with the witty reply and rewarded Birbal well.

Source: Fun on the net


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