A Man Saves The Moon

Once a kind-hearted man looked down the well and saw the reflection of the moon in the well.
“Oh My God! The moon has fallen in the well”, he exclaimed. He hurriedly fetched a long rope with a hook at its end and let the hook fell deep into the well. The hook went to the bottom of the well and got hold of a heavy stone. The man, thinking that the moon was tied to the hook, pulled the rope with all his strength. He pulled the rope so fiercely that it broke and the man fell down flat on his back, nearly unconscious. After he recovered, the first thing he saw, was the moon high up in the sky, shining serenely as usual.
The man groaned in pain but said with content, “I broke my back but thank God, the moon is saved.”

Source: Cyrus Tahbaz from Iran
Retold by: Hitesh Joshi


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