The Fortune Teller

Three students appearing for an examination consulted a fortune-teller about their results. The fortune-teller kept mum but raised only one finger. The students went home trying to decipher the meaning of the action.
When the results of the examination were out, only one of the three students passed and the reputation of the fortune-teller rose.
When a young reporter asked him about the secret of his success, the fortune-teller replied, “My secret of success is not to say anything.” The young man was puzzled.

So, the fortune-teller continued, “I held one finger when the students asked the question. It could mean only one of the three would pass. As the results showed, my prediction was accurate. However, if the results had shown two students being passed, my prediction would still have been accurate as one finger would mean one of them would fail. If all the three of them passed, one finger would mean all of them together as one would pass. And so would be true in the vice-versa case.”

Source: Zeng Binghong from China
Retold By: Hitesh Joshi


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