Mullah Nasruddin

Mullah Nasruddin is the known trickster and wit in the history. It is believed that Nasruddin was born in the Turkish village of Sivrhsar in 1208 and he died around 1284.He is called “a wise fool or a foolish wise man” or in any other name there is no dispute that he is the most loved trickster in the world.

1.The sign of education
The wit and wisdom of Mullah Nasruddin never leaves him tongue-tied. One day an illiterate man came to Mullah Nasruddin with a letter he had received. “Mullah Nasruddin, please read this letter to me.” Mullah Nasruddin looked at the letter, but could not make out a single word. So he told the man. “I am sorry, but I cannot read this.” The man cried: “For shame, Mullah Nasruddin ! You must be ashamed before the turban you wear (i.e. the sign of education)” Mullah Nasruddin removed the turban from his own head and placed it on the head of the illiterate man, said: “There, now you wear the turban. If it gives some knowledge, read the letter yourself.”

2.Conscientious human
Once a renowned philosopher and moralist was traveling through Nasruddin’s village when he asked him where there was a good place to eat. He suggested a place and the scholar, hungry for conversation, invited Mullah Nasruddin to join him. Much obliged, Mullah Nasruddin accompanied the scholar to a nearby restaurant, where they asked the waiter about the special of the day. “Fish! Fresh Fish!” replied the waiter. “Bring us two,” they answered. A few minutes later, the waiter brought out a large platter with two cooked fish on it, one of which was quite a bit smaller than the other. Without hesitating, Mullah Nasruddin cooked the larger of the fish and put in on his plate. The scholar, giving Mullah Nasruddin a look of intense disbelief, proceed to tell him that what he did was not only blatantly selfish, but that it violated the principles of almost every known moral, religious, and ethical system. Mullah Nasruddin calmly listened to the philosopher’s extempore lecture patiently, and when he had finally exhausted his resources, Mullah Nasruddin said, “Well, Sir, what would you have done?” “I, being a conscientious human, would have taken the smaller fish for myself.” “And here you are,” Mullah Nasruddin said, and placed the smaller fish on the gentleman’s plate.

3.What is fate?
A certain man asked Mullah Nasruddin, “What is the meaning of fate, Mullah Nasruddin ?” “Assumptions,” Mullah Nasruddin replied. “In what way?” the man asked again. Mullah Nasruddin looked at him and said, “You assume things are going to go well, and they don’t – that you call bad luck. You assume things are going to go badly and they don’t – that you call good luck. You assume that certain things are going to happen or not happen – and you so lack intuition that you don’t know what is going to happen. You assume that the future is unknown. When you are caught out – you call that Fate.

4.The name written on the door”
One day Nasruddin had invited a visiting scholar to his house for a meal. Upon the self-important visiting scholar’s arrival at Nasruddin’s house, the scholar knocked and knocked. No answer, he looked through the windows, no-one there. The scholar waited, and as he waited, he became angrier and angrier. “Why, doesn’t he know who I am” , “I am so and so and who does he think he is to keep me waiting”, the scholar thundered as he stomped around Nasruddin’s courtyard. Finally, he became so angry he grabbed a pencil and scribbled on his doorway, “IDIOT!”
Well, around about 2 o’clock, Nasruddin returned home and suddenly remembered! He ran back to the marketplace shouting for the scholar when he spotted him shortly.
“Oh, I am so sorry, please forgive me; I remembered our appointment when I saw your name written on my door”

Source: world e-scan


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