Faiths and Beliefs – Are They All Blind?

Once five Monkeys were put in a cage which had a tall stool at its center. A banana was left hanging from the roof via a thread such that a monkey can grab it by climbing atop the table. This banana was replaced with a fresh one, each day.

On the first day, each of the five monkeys tried to grab the banana by climbing the stool. The positioning of stool allowed only one to reach the banana. All monkeys fought among themselves to obtain the fruit. When the strongest of them reached the top of the stool, the cage opened and all the five monkeys were flogged. After some time, one more monkey tried to reach the top of the stool and grab the fruit. Again, each of the five monkeys received severe thrashing.

This continued for five days. Each time, a monkey succeeded in reaching the top of the stool, all five monkeys in the cage were trounced.

On the fifth day, none of the monkeys tried to grab the banana. Now, if a monkey got attracted towards the banana, other monkeys trounced on him. For the next few days, the monkeys eluded the idea of obtaining the forbidden fruit. As if, the monkeys had understood, “if one of us tries to grab the banana, each of us would get beaten; so better not allow anyone to reach the top”.

On the 11th day, one of the monkeys in the cage was replaced by a new monkey. The monkey, unaware of the situation, jumped at the site of the banana and received the thrashing of his mates. Poor guy! He wondered why everyone thrashed him when he was doing a rightful thing, eat a banana. Soon, he too eluded the idea of earning the banana.

On the 21st day, one more from the four old monkeys got replaced. The new monkey, upon seeing the hanging banana, jumped at it but he too, received the thrashing by his mates. The new monkey, who entered the cage on the 11th day, too, joined the thrashing of his junior monkey without knowing the reason behind it. Soon, the junior monkey understood the terms and conditions of living a thrash-free life in the cage.

These events went on for days. After every 10 days, one of the old monkeys got replaced by a new monkey. The new monkey would receive thrashing from his mates, some of who didn’t even know the reason behind the thrashing.

Finally, a day arrived when all the five old monkeys in the cage were replaced by new monkeys. As always, a banana was hanging from the roof. But none of the monkeys tried grasping it. They knew, if they try grabbing it, they would be trounced by other monkeys. But none of them knew the real reason behind this.

This is how faiths and beliefs enter the lives of human. We too follow some act blindly without understanding the real reason behind it. We perform some task to emulate the actions of our forefathers and/or friends without bothering to justify their actions. So, next time, when you call someone’s faith a blind faith, do keep in mind this story!

Note: This story, an emulation of a popular one, is my first attempt to describe a story in my own words.  Though not affective, hope, it serves as good initiative for the future.


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